Embassy by St Geneve Down Duvet


Embassy by St Geneve Down Duvet

Zurguard Certified to be Hypo-Allergenic

This amazing white goose down has the highest loft of any down available worldwide. It was originally developed for the high-end Japanese market.  First used in technically sophisticated jackets, it was later used in their most deluxe duvets.

Starting with Polish white goose down, it goes through additional sorting processes to result in only the largest, most pure clusters of down. This exquisite down has some of the largest clusters we have ever seen and even some clinging ability like eiderdown. It is incredibly soft and lightweight, providing comfort for generations. These duvets are covered in a soft Tencel™ fiber and Cotton batiste blend from Germany.

Our Embassy down tests at 1,000 loft and is verified by the International Down and Feather Laboratory in Salt Lake City, Utah. This lab is recognized as the best in the world and is used by the US and Canadian governments.

Due to the rarity of our Embassy down please call for availability.


Each - 16oz Fill - 36 Boxes

Each - 22oz Fill - 42 Boxes

Each - 22oz Fill - 48 Boxes

Each - 28oz Fill - 48 Boxes

Each - 20oz Fill - 42 Boxes

Each -  19oz Fill - 36 Boxes


Each -  26oz Fill - 42 Boxes


Each -  30oz Fill - 42 Boxes


Each -  22oz Fill - 48 Boxes


Each -  33oz Fill - 48 Boxes


Each -  25oz Fill - 36 Boxes


Each -  42oz Fill - 34 Boxes


Each -  44oz Fill - 48 Boxes


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