St.Geneve Bedding…When searching for bedding items for your home you look for quality goods made by a trusted manufacturer that will exceed your expectations. St. Geneve is a manufacturer that will provide outstanding products with luxurious down and fabrics from the best suppliers.
St. Geneve started as a small family business over forty years ago and has become a recognized and sought after name in the bedding world. Designed and crafted in Canada from the highest quality fabrics, down and feathers available.
The down products that St. Geneve creates will last and comfort you for years, keeping you warmer in cool weather and cooler in warmer weather. They specialize in creating products to your exacting specifications, including the availability of dual zone option. The down-selection that is offered includes Eiderdown, Ziegler, Salzburg, Ziegler Polish, Montreaux, Laroche, James Bay, Embassy and Lajord, each having its own different characteristics, loft and qualities.
If it is bed linens that you are seeking, look no further than the stunning fabrics, quality fabrication and attention to detail that St. Geneve is known for. The selection of patterns offered includes trends and timeless. The silks, cotton, linens and modal fabrics that you can select from have been woven by trusted mills in Germany and Italy. The factory is able to accommodate today’s deeper mattresses and taller beds with a selection of depths, drops, and sizes.


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