WHO ARE YOU SLEEPING WITH??? If it’s not Bamboo- then you’re probably not having fun!!! 100% Bamboo Sheets and Bamboo Duvet Cover Set can adjust to your body temperature, so you will be cooler in the summer & warmer in the winter. One of the fasting wicking fabrics & 4 times more breathable than cotton – loved by menopause women suffering from hot flashes. 100% Bamboo Sheets and Bamboo Duvet Cover Set are naturally anti bacterial & anti-microbial, so highly recommended for people who suffer from allergies, eczema or have a low immune system. Bamboo sheets have a soft, silky texture that feels amazing against your skin. All this & they are Eco- Friendly. Remember only 100% Bamboo Sheets and Bamboo Duvet Cover Set provide these benefits & more – a cotton blend will not. We only carry 100% Bamboo Sheetsand Bamboo Duvet Cover Set – Made in Canada.

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