Lajord Down Duvet by St Geneve Luxury Bedding


LAJORD DOWN DUVET Canadian White Goose Down
One of our most popular duvets, Lajord is light, cozy and will be cherished for generations. With a loft of 850 cubic inches per ounce and extremely large clusters, this down is one of the most prized of all domestic downs raised in North America.
850 Loft Down Canadian White Goose Down Zurguard Certified Hypoallergenic


6"x6" Box, 16oz, 850 Loft

7"x6" Box, 20oz, 850 Loft

8"x6" Box, 22oz, 850 Loft

8"x6" Box, 26oz, 850 Loft

6"x6" Box, 22oz, 850 Loft

7"x6" Box, 20oz, 850 Loft

8"x6" Box, 32oz, 850 Loft

8"x6" Box, 36oz, 850 Loft

6"x6" Box, 27oz, 850 Loft

7"x6" Box, 36oz, 850 Loft

8"x6" Box, 42oz, 850 Loft

8"x6" Box, 48oz, 850 Loft


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